• Creating Partnerships
    YVCO Alliance Africa signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Rose Namayanja Foundation
  • American Partners
    Princess Amor Tores of We Care for Humanity visits Uganda
  • Partnership for Development
    YVCO Chief Director Bishop Aaron with Princess Maria Amor Torres and the Issabaruuli
  • Hope for kids with disabilities
    YVCO Alliance Africa signs M.O.U with Spring of Hope to raise funds for Ugandan kids with disabilities
  • Fundraising through Music
    Some of the members of the YVCO International Fundraising Choir (IFC) with one of our station managers (center)
  • YVCO 31st Anniversary
    Program Director Bishop Kalanzi Jude, Chief Director Bishop Aaron Siribaleka, Princess Maria Amor Torres, NGGE Country Director Bukima Joram during a match with Uganda Polica Band on YVCO 31st Anniversary celebrations

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About Us

“YVCO” stands for Youth Vulnerable Children and orphans. YVCO started in 1988 by a young man and evangelist Aaron Siribaleka when he was 19 years old. It is one of the twelve alliances under Global Partners for Development Africa. It is an “Alliance” that invests money given to it from membership contributions, community contributions, donors’ support, loans and other sources and uses the profit to assistance charitable programs in the field of child care, child education, and child health and child development.

Our Mission

To transform Youth, Vulnerable Children and Orphans (YVCO) into Responsible Future Generation (REFUGE)

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