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  • “YVCO” stands for Youth Vulnerable Children and orphans
  • YVCO started in 1988 by a young man and evangelist Aaron Siribaleka when he was 19 years old.
  • It is one of the twelve alliances under Global Partners for Development Africa.
  • It is an “Alliance” that invests money given to it from membership contributions, community contributions, donors’ support, loans and other sources and uses the profit to assistance charitable programs in the field of child care, child education, and child health and child development.
  • “YVCO” started in 1988 by young man Evangelist Aaron Siribaleka 19 years by that time under Full Gospel Church
  • “YVCO” has been operating as child care program in partnership with Full Gospel Church in 1988- 1989 War Aid Trust 1990- 2003, ACID Trust 2004- 2012, Global Partners for Development 2013- 2015.
  • “YVCO” offers 50% Education Grants for parents and Students (PAS) through Education Savings Bureau (ESB), 50% Medical Grants through Medical Savings Bureau (MESABU), 50% Housing Grants through Modern Housing Alliance, 75% Development Loans through Mukono Initiative SACCO- Uganda, Parents and Teachers (PAT SACCO- South Sudan, Parents And Youth (PAY) SACCO – Kenya, Investment Promotion for PAS, PAT and PAY through YVCO Business Centre and YVCO Child Development Centre (CDCs).
  • YVCO has registered 4,000 children under its 50% education grant scheme, targeting 50,000 children by the end of 2015 and 1,000,000 by the year 2020 and over 5,000,000 youth who shall be transformed into Responsible Future Generation (REFUGE) by the year 2030. These children shall be registered from 12 countries in Africa, that is, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, South Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Ethiopia and Ghana.
  • “YVCO” is on International Fundraising Campaign (IFC) for African Children Foundation (ACF).
  • “YVCO” vision is to transform the Africa Children to be the Responsible Future Generation (REFUGE).
  • Every sponsored child in “YVCO” enters into Contract of Refund Parents after School (CORPAS).
  • “YVCO” offers jobs opportunity after training for self employment, self financing and self reliance.
  • YVCO” is the producer of PAS cards for Parents and Students, PAY cards for parents and Youth to be used for Identification, Data Storage, Communication and Money Transfer for promotion of ICF4ICF.
  • "YVCO" believes that it is the responsibility of every parent to provide quality education, medical care as the best gift to their children; any assistance for such a service from artificial advantage should be handled with care as golden chance without political interference.
  • “YVCO” currently provides 50% education grants to over 4000 children in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan.
  • “YVCO” partners with various schools, churches and CBOs.
  • “YVCO” has Independent pay out agents in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan.


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