Transforming Youth, Vulnerable Children & Orphans (YVCO) into Responsible Future Generation (REFUGE)


Our Programs

YVCO Education Savings Bureau (ESB)

This one offers 50% Education grants and Loans for Quality Education through ESB Accounts
PESA (Primary Education Savings Account)
SESA (Secondly Education Savings Account)
HISA (Higher Institution Savings Account)

More information on ESB
ESB is finance office for Youth Vulnerable Children and Orphans (YVCO)
ESB offers Education grants and loans  to Parents and Students (PAS)
ESB was  incorporated in Uganda  in  2012

ESB invest YVCO money  into education projects for self-financing and self-reliance

YVCO Medical Savings Bureau (MESABU)

This one offers 50% Medical grants and Loans for Child and Maternal Health through MESABU  Accounts
CHA (Child Health Account)
WHA (Women Health Account)
FHA (Child Health Account)


YVCO SCHOOLS SACCO is Universal Joint Project (UJP) and Credit Guarantee Group (CGG) of  Youth Vulnerable   Children and Orphans, Seek the Lord Ministries and Global Partners    for Development.
It is the 1st SACCO in Africa to provide both grants and loans for promotion of Child Education, Health and Development, similar to World Council of Credit Union (WCCU) www.woccu.org

Membership in YVCO SACCO is open  to:

  1. Private Schools
  2. Teachers from both Private and Government Schools
  3. Parents  of Vulnerable Children and Orphans bellow 18 years
  4. Students above 18 years
  5. Youth above 18 years

YVCO Micro Finance Scheme
This one offers loans  through Scheme Account
RFA (Reserve Fund Account )
DFA (Development Fund Account)
IFA (Investment Fund Account)


  1.  50% Education  Grant  from Primary –University students
  2. 75% Development Loans for   all members
  3. Increment of  Children in Partner School
  4. Volunteers
  5. Other  opportunities  for grants and loans

Jobs After Training 2017



  1. Every course is for 3 days and 3 months probation / field study thereafter
  2. The training centre shall be at YVCO Education Savings Bureau (ESB)
  3. Course fee is UGX 250,000 for non-residents and UGX 500,000 for residents
  4. YVCO staff work on contract / commission basis
  5. YVCO staff are given soft development loans for self employment and self reliance
International Fundraising Course 11th - 13th Feb international Fundraiser
Fundraising course for international fundraisers 5th - 8th Aug Money collectors of donors' support
ICT course 20th - 23rd May
4th - 7th November
Data processing for African Children's Fund
Housing course 3rd - 6th June
18th - 21st Nov
Modern Housing
Investment / money makers course 3rd - 6th June
18th - 21st Nov
Investment promotion
Investment course for money lenders 17th - 20th June
2nd - 5th Dec
Money lenders
Confrere Delegate (CD) 4th - 7th March
19th - 22nd Aug
  • Mobilisation
  • Training
  • Data collection
Independent Payout Agent (IPA) course 6th - 9th May
2nd - 5th September
  • Payout of 50% grant
  • Distributors of PAS cards $ PAY cards
Implememtation course for ESB implementers 18th - 21st March
16th - 19th September
Management of ESB branches
Implememtation course for MESABU implementers 8th - 11th April
7th - 10th Oct
Management of MESABU branches
Implememtation course for Scheme implementers 22nd - 25th April
21st - 24th Oct
Management of Scheme branches