Our Child Care Program includes Adoption, Provision of food, Scholarstic materials, Beddings, Mosquito nets, Clothing, Shelters, etc

Consists of 50% Education grants through our Education Savings Bureau (ESB), Education loans and Transformation of Education Standards in Uganda (TESU). The children access the 50% Education gramts by opening ESB accounts with us i.e PESA (nursery & primary school children), SESA (Secondary school students) & HISA (students in higher institutions of learning),

Provision of quality health care to our beneficiaries through ou Medical Savings Bureau (MESABU) that provides 50% Medical grants and loans.

With the aim of having families that are self reliant and self sustaining, we provide interest free loans to our members to enable them start up income generating projects.

The parent/guardian and child join this program in order to engage in our various fundraising activities to obtain more funding of up to 90% from African Aid, Canadian Aid, UK Aid & US Aid

How to register

Parent / guardian registers as a member. Membership is open to Parents and Youth (PAY), Parents and Students (PAS), Women and Youths (WAY)
Account Opening
Parent / guardian then registers their child / children by opening for them relevants accounts with us. ESB accounts for Education program, MESABU accounts for Health program and Scheme accounts for Development programs. A maximum of 4 children can be registered.
Savings & Grant
Parent deposits 50% of the required service for either education or medical or both, 10% -25% for development loans. Grant is issued after 90-120 working days after saving

When to register

Registration is carried out throughout the year

Where to register

  • YVCO Child Development Center near you
  • YVCO station offices in your area
  • YVCO Christian Development Center near you
  • YVCO partner instituions near you


Use the form below to register with us